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Guys customizable besties

Guys customizable besties

9,49£ Precio
6,64£Precio de oferta

Guys customizable best friends clipart. With 6 skin tones, 5 hair colors, 9 hair styles and various clothing options.

Please note that this listing will combine with our 'Essential Customizable Besties' collection and our 'Merry little Christmas Customisable girls'.


These are great to use on personalised gifts for your besties!

This collection is huge and far too big for our website file size limit (over 1gb). On purchase you will receive a zip file containing the link to download and a text file (in case you do not have pdf compatible software).

When using the pdf file, download the file, open the file and click the link.

When using the text file simply copy and paste the link to your web browser and click 'Download' to the top right of the screen.

The png and psd files are within a zip folder so please ensure that you have the relevant software to unzip the file. You will receive:

- 3 bestie figures in 6 skin tones
- 7 drinks / object options for bestie 2 and 3 to hold
- 3 bottoms options
- 18 top options. Including t-shirts, hoodies, gilets, leather jacket and shirt
- 7 hats which include baseball caps and casual hats in multiple color options
- Guy arms ( separated so that you can lay the arms over each guy )
- 1 free lake scene ( to lay your besties onto ) in 12 x 12 inches and 19.5 x 12 inches
- 2 x easy to use psd files

I have also included directions for both the png files and for the Adobe Photoshop (psd) file. Please note that these are not how to guides for your software these detail which order to layer your png files and how to use the psd files. Unfortunately I can not give software or printing advise due to the number of software and printing types available. Colors may also print differently to those shown on your screen.

Please note that in order to download your files from dropbox you may need to use a desktop or laptop computer. Please ensure that there is enough space on your hard drive to download. The folder is 1.36GB because it is a huge collection.

You are responsible for determining if these files are compatible with your software.

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